Self Discovery Analysis

There is no more important skill than knowing yourself

About this course

All development needs to start with you, and that’s what our free Self Discovery Analysis is for! The more you understand yourself, the more you’ll know where you are currently, and spot the things you need to change.

Even if this is the only JBA course you do, you’ll walk away with a healthy understanding of who you are, what skills you have, what motivates you and what you should be proud of - and a plan to help you take the best next steps.

Remember that it helps employers see your strengths and areas for development, so you have the best chances of getting that dream job.

What will I learn?

  • Get some insights about you, your skills and your achievements (you might not recognise them, but we will)

  • Reflect on the things that really motivate you and how you can tap into them more

  • Do an assessment to help you understand which career drivers matter to you and how they might shape whether you start your own business, engage with an SME or work in a larger organisation

  • Understand which values are important to you and how they shape your views on work and next step opportunities

  • Use all of the info above to pull together an action plan and help you think about what you might do next

Thought Leader

Gerard Mackle